Food Addiction

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I read an interesting article today at 

The part that stood out the most to me was this:

"For some of us at least, what we eat may play a big role in how much trouble we have sticking to a healthy diet and achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. It's not just a matter of how many calories there are in these "hyperpalatable" foods, but also the effects they have on our ability to stop eating when we want and/or moderate the amount of particular trigger foods we include in our diet. This could mean that susceptible people may need to avoid certain trigger foods completely, rather than trying to moderate their intake--just like an alcoholic has to avoid all alcohol."

Whenever you diet, you already read that you can "splurge" every once in awhile.  This may not be true for everyone.  While there are some foods that are an okay treat (frozen yogurt, for example), highly processed foods or fast food (what they are referring to here as hyperpalatable) can have a trigger affect similar to that of drugs to a drug addict. 

Pay attention to not only how your food tastes, but how it feels.  If you want more the minute you put your fork down, it's a good sign you've found a trigger food!

I Know...Better

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*I started the Nutrisystem weight loss program this weekend.  Here is what I posted on my first blog post for my Nutrisystem profile:

"I'm no stranger to weight loss; or to weight gain, for that matter.  In fact, I think I've got such a good handle on the whole "yo-yo" process I could practically teach a seminar.

I know all about calories and exercise.  I know the better foods to eat.  I know that I feel a million times better when I eat them.  The gym is a cathartic experience for me.  It's the one place where I feel truly at peace.  The one place where the only thing that matters is the adrenaline; where I can really clear my head.
And yet, somehow, I seem to make choices that don't fall in like with what I know.  In 2008, through my own sheer willpower (and a lot of exercise and diet changes), I lost 45 pounds.  I trimmed my size 14 body down to a 6.  I felt amazing.  I felt strong and confident.  I felt like nothing could take that feeling away.  I felt like that feeling alone was enough to keep me motivated to continue to exercise and eat right.  Somehow, though, it wasn't.

I felt myself start to slip.  I was excellent at making excuses.  I was busy.  We were in the middle of a big move, I didn't have time to cook.  We had to move further from the gym, but I could afford to trim back to 3 days a week...which dwindled down to none.

It was slow, but eventually all my good habits were just old habits.  And all my old habits resurfaced.  Here I am, 18 months later hiding my size 6 clothes to make room for my size 14 ones to return.  I've gain back every single one of those 45 pounds I lost.  And, honestly, I'm not very nice to myself about it.  I knew better.  I let it happen.  I let down that girl, the one who felt so empowered and so strong.  I continued to punish myself with binges and excuses.  I didn't feel worth of the effort it would take to get on track again.  All that work - again - for a girl who was just going to manage to mess it all up - again.

And it's at this rock bottom point when I realized that I wasn't ready to do it by myself.  Putting me in charge of my eating habits and my work out schedule wasn't going to work.  I am too mad at me.  I want me to suffer.  After all, I knew better.

So, that's when I made the call to Nutrisystem.  I needed help.  I didn't need sympathy or words of comfort (all of which my husband lovingly offers).  I needed someone to tell me what to eat and when.  I needed someone to tell me to get over myself; to tell me to stop punishing myself for struggling.  To remind me that life didn't end when I gained back that weight, that I have years and years left to get this whole weight maintenance thing right.  Nutrisystem had those qualities built in.

So, here I am.  Day 2 and I already feel better then I have in months.  Because I am awesome no matter what I weigh.  And I never should have put myself through so much guilt which just served to hold me back from achieving my goals.  And now I know better."


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Hey all,

Sorry I've been missing the past few days. It's been a doozy of a life. Between moving, getting sick, work being crazy - I just haven't had the time or energy to bust out a blog.

Never fear, though, I'm still here. Still working hard. Still eating yummy, delicious food (I made chicken and eggplant casserole last night - delish!).

I wanted to share with your a couple of secret diet killers. Calories really are the key to the whole weight loss debacle, but there are some hidden enemies that can really hold back weight loss progress:

1) "Fat Free" Is fat free a better option then not? Usually, yes. But don't let the words fat free elude you into thinking you are choosing a lower calorie or healthier option. To make up for flavor lost in fat you will regularly see increased sodium or sugar content. Read the box and compare to the regular version before you buy. There's really nothing wrong with a little fat.

2) Canned soup. It's delicious. It's typically low-cal (thank you Progresso!). It's PACKED with sodium. I'm not sure why they have to put so much sodium in a can of soup - probably something to do with preservative effects. Always opt for the low sodium soups (even then, the numbers can be baffling). Better yet, make your own. Soup recipes can be found in every shape size and a form and typically just require a little chopping and simmering. Remember, though, if your recipe calls for chicken (or beef)broth, grab a low sodium version of that as well.

3) Low calories per serving. Many boxes will tell you how low calorie a serving of their cereal, crackers, cookies, whatever it is have. But remember - all servings are not made equal. 100 calories of Cheerios is a whole cup of the stuff. That's great! 100 calories of Oreo cookies is only 1 cookie. If you are going to have crackers or cookies, make sure you read carefully and portion out your servings so you don't accidentally down 500 calories without thinking.

Those are just a few hidden diet disasters. I'll share more later.

Food Journal:

Breakfast: Smoothie - 6 strawberries, 3 ounces low fat yogurt, 1 large tbsp protein powder and crystal light strawberry juice (210 cals)

Depressing Breakfast

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So, my life is kind of a shambles right now. Each room in my house is full of boxes. Most of them are open now, gaping at me, ready to spit out all the CRAP that is in them. All the CRAP I just want to throw away, but know I actually want and actually use, I just can't imagine WHY.

So, anyway, given the current state of things, I haven't had a decent meal in days. This morning was no exception. We're running out of the house at the last minute and, par for the course this week, I stop in at the Cheetah Mart by work to grab a Diet Dew. I ate my last yogurt yesterday, so I have to hunt down something in the Mart for breakfast. I peruse the dairy area looking for something high protein and low cal. I find the winner. Muscle Milk Light. I read the bottle. 20 grams of protein: excellent. Less than 200 calories: perfecto.

As I'm drinking said muscle milk, I read the bottle. It says, "If you enjoy feeling dull, overweight and lethargic put this bottle down and pick up that donut and prepare to cry yourself to sleep on the couch again..."

Seriously? I think my breakfast just made me depressed.

Hope your Friday is great!

Food Journal:

Breakfast: Muscle Milk Light, chocolate flavored (170 cals)

Snack #1: 12 carrots and Carl Budig sliced turkey (125 cals)

Lunch: Progresso Light Santa Fe Chicken soup and 1/4 protein bar (200 cals)

Snack #2: 1/4 cup edamame and 1 6-ounce low fat yogurt (130 cals)

Food Only

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I don't have time to be witty today. My apologies.

Food Journal:

Breakfast: Nutrilite Protein Bar (240 cals)

Snack #1: 12 baby carrots and a cheese stick (115 cals)

Lunch: 1 Taco Bell regular taco al fresco and side of pinto beans (250 cals)

Snack #2: 1/4 cup edamame and 1 pkg carl budig turkey (140 cals)

Dinner: Porkchops and mixed fruit (300 cals)

Snack #3: 2/3 of a protein bar (200 cals)

Total Calories: 1245

So busy!

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I know my calorie counts the last couple of days have been low. I'm working on it. But, it's hard.
That sounds weird, I know.

But with all the moving busy-ness and work I haven't been able to do my normal meal planning/shopping and stopping at the gas station for diet soda and then attempting to find something suitable for nourishment (usually resulting in yogurt) means I have a hard time getting enough calories in.

I'll try to do better today.

Food Journal:

Breakfast: 1 6-ounce low fat yogurt and 1 medium apple (160 cals)

Snack #1: 12 baby carrots and a cheese stick (115 cals)

Lunch: 1 can Campbell's Healthy Request Teriyaki Chicken and Noodle Soup and 10 mini saltine crackers (250 cals)

Snack #2: 1/4 cup edamame and 1 6-ounce low fat yogurt (130 cals)

Dinner: Subway Egg and Cheese Flatbread (about 10 inches) with tomato and spinach (480 cals)

Total Calories: 1135

I'll have the beans. No beans.

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So, last night Husband and I had the final walk through on our home we are purchasing (today!). Our schedules for the next few days mainly revolve around work and moving, so we will be grabbing some quick (okay, fast) food. Last night Taco Bell was the winner. ((For all you dieters/calorie counters out there, Taco Bell is one fast food place I recommend. They have their "Al fresco" items that replace cheese with salsa and start at 150 calories)). I ordered a hard shell taco al fresco and a side of their pinto beans and cheese. "No cheese," I requested.

So, the hub and I are sitting waiting for our food when I happen to glance over at the receipt for our order number. Instead, my eye falls to this:
I turn to Geoff and ask the natural question. "Does that say Pintos and Cheese, minus the beans?" We look at each other with big smiles. We figured the guys in back preparing the food would realize I hadn't just requested a side of cheese. We hoped.

We were wrong. The boy handing me my food asked me, "Did you mean beans and cheese with no beans?" "No," I replied. "I figured," he mumbled as he pulls something out of the bag and tosses it in the trash can and calls back for a side of beans.

Next time I'll just ask for the styrofoam packaging.

Food Journal:

Breakfast: Smoothie - 1 cup frozen fruit, 3-ounces low fat yogurt, 1 (large) tablespoon protein powder, crystal light juice (200 cals)

Snack #1: 12 baby carrots and a cheese stick (115 cals)

Lunch: 1 6-ounce yogurt and 1/4 cup edamame (130 cals)

Snack #2: 1 grap Blow-pop (60 cals)

Dinner: 6-inch Subway turkey sandwich (270 cals) To be fair, I bought a 6 inch, but I just didn't want it all.

Snack #3: Popcorn (200 cals)

Total Calories: 975 - I know, I know...